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The Google AdService package:

Conception, creation and supervision of your Google Adwords campaign
Monthly transparent evaluation of the gained website visitors and reservations
Constant adjustment and optimization of your Google Adwords campaign


Google Adwords – effective and measurable online advertising

Whenever guests search for restaurants online, they google. Thus, Google advertisement is the most effective method of attracting your guests’ attention and increasing your visibility. The big advantage: compared to traditional media, the Google Ads only appear when they are searched for. Therefore, your guests only see advertisement that they are interested in. Resmio knows how and takes care of the processing for you.


That’s how it works:

1 Definition of the right keywords by which your restaurant will be found
2 Creation and design of your individual Google Ads
3 Adjustment of the catchment area, in which your restaurant will be found by your potential guests
4 Regulation of the daily time period where your Google ads are displayed
5 Definition of your daily maximum budget
6 Tracking of the click and reservation rate through monthly transparent evaluations provided by resmio


In order that your Google advertisements stand out from those of your competitors and benefit from an optimal placement, a professional advertisement strategy is unavoidable. With our expertise and experience resmio takes over the successful implementation of your Google Adwords campaign.
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How important are Google Adwords for Restaurants?

In order to attract new guests nowadays, it is imperative to have an excellent placement on Google. Otherwise, sooner or later your restaurant will be overtaken by your competitors. With resmio Adservice I wans't just able to maintain my revenue, but was also capable to acquire many new guests!

Jedidjah Buchmann, Manager Restaurant Lorbeer Berlin

The more you offer, the more likely you will be placed at the top. Chose between 3 Adwords Pricing :

  • 150€ per month

  • 250€ per month

  • 400€ per month

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