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The reservation and guest management solution for your restaurant

With every reservation your guest database grows automatically in your resmio Web-Application. Via the newsletter function you can thus adress your guests electronically. By doing that your guests can easily be segmented: reach to clients who haven’t been in your restaurant for a long time, that reserved and didn’t show up, that only reserve for your lunch menu and many more. You can choose when and how you communicate with your guests!

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What restaurant owners say about resmio

Thanks to resmio we are not only accepting more reservations than before, but with the direct feedback function we also get to know if our guests were satisfied. This helps us a lot for the optimization of our service.

Mary´s Restaurant im Kastens Luisenhof*****, Hannover

Our guests are very demanding. That's why we have choosen to use a reservation management system to insure the privacy of our guests.

Ricos Kunststuben, Zürich, Switzerland

Our target group uses Facebook very intensively. Before using the resmio service most reservation demands came in over Facebook as messages, which was very time-consuming to manage. Since we are using resmio, the reservations have not only increased over Facebook, but we also manage them without any effort.

Restaurant Lorbeer, Berlin, Germany

Since 2011 resmio develops the secure and could-based reservation system for restaurants. resmio is the first reservation and online-marketing software for the gastronomy which offers an automated and measurable online-marketing solution that gives the restaurant owner full control about his offers, establishes efficient reach to new guests and reinforces the owner-guest relation.

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