Do I need a website to use resmio?

We from resmio know, your guests prefer to book through your website. That’s why we put our reservation system right there for you. You don’t have a website? No problem, we easily integrate with your Facebook page. Beyond that we also provide you with a website in case you … Read More

What is different for me when I use resmio?

Using resmio equates to one thing above all: You save time. Not only are reservations automatically accepted and entered into the system, all data is also clearly presented and easy to manage. Furthermore, with each reservation, your personal customer database also grows — a key asset for each and every … Read More

What does resmio do differently from portal solutions?

The greatest difference is that we do not offer a portal solution. The resmio reservation system is yours and yours alone. This means that you embed it on your website, allowing you to boost your direct sales. All data is stored in your database, and you make all decisions on … Read More

How can I log in?

If you already have an account with resmio, you can simply log in on the start page. You will find the button on the top right of our home page. Simply click on “Login” and enter your login details. Forgot your password? No problem! Simply click on “Forgotten your … Read More

Where can I find my bills?

To view your bills, log into your account, then select “Settings”, and then “Bills”. This is where you will find all your resmio bills, which you can also download. Read More

How does an online reservation with resmio work?

If a customer wishes to make a reservation at your restaurant, he can do this with resmio on your website or Facebook page. Using the widget, he can select a day, a time, and the number of persons. Once he has submitted the reservation, you will immediately receive a notification … Read More

How can I add the reservation widget to my website?

Unfortunately, there is no one-size-fits-all reply to this question. If you have a web developer, he will definitely be happy to help you with the integration. Naturally, we are also always glad to be of assistance. As part of our customer service, we offer you free integration on your website. Read More

Is there a visual table layout?

A visual table layout is really useful, and of course we offer this option as well. You can use the layout on an iPad and via the “resmio Tables” app if you have booked the Manager package. In all other packages, you can use the numerical layout in the web … Read More

What marketing features does resmio offer?

All customer information that is entered during reservations in your restaurant is stored in a personal customer database to which only you have access. This data forms the basis for the many marketing features we offer you. For one, you can easily send newsletters to all your customers (or a … Read More

What packages does resmio offer?

The basic resmio package is completely free. It allows you to use the basic features for accepting online reservations and also to test our marketing features. The various upgrade options are tailored to the needs of different restaurant types. For more information on which package best suits your needs and … Read More