resmio – Das treibt uns an. Das wünschen wir uns für Dich

Kevin Klockzin
Tuesday April 19th, 2016

resmio has existed since 2011. Did you know? Our story is an eventful one. We have gone through a lot of changes, tried out and discarded a great many things. Today, we can say — and justifiably so: We did it. We know where we want our path to take us.

Your success is at the heart of ours. The success of all in the F&B industry.

Our hope is that, with our software solution, you will be able to accept and manage reservations more easily than ever before, allowing you to benefit from information about your customers and get your own online marketing campaign off the ground. We want you to be satisfied with our solution, especially over the long term. We see the reservation system as the first step towards digitization — currently the biggest trend in the industry, which is in fact less of a trend and more of a necessity. In order to help you get started as easily as possible, we are offering our reservation software for free. Want to try it out? Sure. We’re sure you’ll love it.
Another thing that’s important to us is your independence. That’s why our reservation system functions via your website, without us interfering in any way. Your restaurant. Your customers. Your decision. That’s exactly how it should be. Reservations via your website strengthen your online presence and make it possible for you to build your very own personal customer database. Connecting with your target group couldn’t get any easier. When was the last time you told your customers about your new weekly menu or an event and sent this message directly to their digital mailboxes?

Stories from the F&B industry

What fascinates us about the industry are the many stories behind restaurant doors and personalities. Each one has his own experiences, successes, and missteps. But everyone in the industry is united by one thing: their passion for the job. And this is exactly what we focus on. With our product, we aim to give you more time for the things in your daily life at the restaurant that you actually enjoy doing — and also to enable you to get more out of what you already have.
Sounds like an unbeatable offer, doesn’t it? We look forward to receiving your feedback and hope that you, too, will be happy with resmio.

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